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saveYour modernizes your property management, keeping your Inventory and product details in the palm of your hands even when you're off-site.  

It's the future of property management.









Step-By-Step Instructions on all of saveYour's features.

HOW TO create a Connection and Group


HOW TO create a new location and sub-locations


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saveYour makes your Life’s ever expanding list of details finger-tip-ready.  You can save, search, send, and share the details of your Products so the information is handy when you need to repair or replace an item. With saveYour, you can create an Inventory of the products in any Location, by room if you prefer, and then connect with others, like your partner/spouse, contractor or more, to share that Location's inventory or just details about a specific product. And if you want to keep a copy of your Inventory on your computer or iPad, or even print it out, then you can export the information in a .pdf file format too.  Upon request (that means just contact us below), you can also export your Inventory in a cvs, xml, or JSON file format.  Last, if you sell a home, office, or investment property that has a saveYour Inventory, then you can transfer the entire Location and inventory to the Buyer.  All that and so much more is waiting for you.  So download and explore saveYour now.  

2.    Does it cost anything?

No.  You can use a Personal Assistant to enter the product information for you or do it yourself.  Of course, at some time in the future, we plan on making money at this venture so we'll let you know then about any new features and fees.  More on that later.  For now, it's all free.  So, take advantage of our generosity and create your free digital inventory now!

3.    Personal Assistants, are they real?

You Betcha!  All of our Personal Assistants are real flesh and blood men and women handling your tasks quickly, efficiently, and at a reasonable cost.  This simplifies your life and lets you concentrate on other more important things … like spending quality time with family and friends. All that said, the Personal Assistants, whose pictures appear in the App and above, are just good-looking models.  They don't actually do the work, but other people do.

4.    Can I get Assistance on How it Works?

Absolutely! We have several How To Guides in the tutorial section of our website. Click here to access the different subjects. If the Guides don't answer your questions or you would like more information, then contact us and we will personally walk you through it. We're happy to help so don't hesitate to get in touch with us. 

5. Are my details kept private?

Yes, your privacy is very important to us.  That is why your account is password encrypted so your information is protected. You decide who gets access to your product information and details (e.g., contractor, family members, partners) and you may revoke access at any time.   Please refer to the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Notice for more information on the scope of our privacy protection and ways that you can protect yourself from breach.

6.    What happens if I’m not happy with work done by a Personal Assistant?

If you are not satisfied with the work done by your Personal Assistant, then let us know by rejecting the work once it’s sent to you.  Our Administrator will then review the matter and reason for your rejection, and we'll attempt to correct it so that you are satisfied.  As with most growing companies, some of our workers do exceptional work and others do just so-so work.  It is important for you to let us know how your Personal Assistant is doing so we can make sure that the quality of the work exceeds expectations.

7.    Can I submit a specific question that’s not answered on this FAQ list?

Yes.  You can always email Customer Service and we will address your question within 48 hours.  To do so, click here:



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